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English Module Handbook
Msc Applied Geoscience
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English Module Handbook
Msc IAS-Global Change Geography
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English Module Handbook
Msc Natural Resources Mangement
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Astrid Henke

Von-Seckendorff-Platz 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

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ERASMUS mobility

Information session

Every October, an information event is held on the topic of "Studying Abroad". All students are invited to attend!

Date: October 2024, 2 - 4 p.m.

Location: Lecture hall Geology HS 3 0.21

A recording of the last year information event is available in studIP as opencast. To view the recording, log in as a participant in the course "Information events for all GEO degree programmes" and select the menu item OPENCAST.

However, please note the changed deadline for applications! The deadline for ALL applications is now 20.12. - see also the current presentation.

Presentation of the information session of 2023
InfoV_ERASMUS_2023.pdf (3 MB)  vom 30.05.2023

Going abroad with Erasmus

International mobility in particular is supported by MLU on a long-term basis and is administratively supported by the International Office. Within the framework of ERASMUS cooperation, there are many opportunities to study abroad for a limited period of time. International experience, sound language skills and the formation of personality through the stay abroad are formative and are increasingly seen as a matter of course. The concept of credit points facilitates the determination of the equivalence of study achievements when planning the study abroad. Partner universities with different focal points are choosen throughout Europe.

The International Office provides substantial help to all incoming and  outgoing students and researchers. Our cooperation with institutions of  higher education and research  institutions world-wide enable many  study, research and internship  opportunities. On the other  hand we  would like to welcome incoming students and researchers. Please  participate in our university life.

Applied Geoscience

In the Bachelor's programme in Applied Geosciences, the 5th and/or 6th semesters are possible as mobility windows, since modules that can be freely selected are mainly located in this period. ASQ modules (e.g. language courses) can also be completed as part of a study abroad programme.

In the Master's programme in Applied Geosciences, semesters 1 to 3 can be used as mobility windows, as only elective modules are offered and there is the possibility of including two freely selectable modules, which can also be included, for example, in the context of an ERAMUS exchange.

Geography and IAS-GCG

In both Bachelor's degree programmes, there is the possibility to complete a semester abroad. However, it should not be started before the fourth semester. The fifth semester, which is intended for project studies and excursions, is recommended, in which the students have become acquainted with all four subject disciplines of the degree programme and, if they wish, can deepen their knowledge abroad.

In the Master's degree programme International Area Studies - Global Change Geography, the 3rd subject semester should preferably be used as a mobility window.

Student teachers

The world is open to student teachers at the University of Halle. Depending on your interests, you can expand your educational perspectives abroad for a short or even longer period of time. For your school internship, extracurricular pedagogical internship or observation internship, you can choose between institutions within and outside Europe. Even free internships at educational institutions all over the globe can be arranged during and immediately after your studies. Study visits to foreign universities and work as a foreign language assistant round off the offer for student teachers and invite you to discover the world.

The Centre for Teacher Education provides advice on international mobility in teacher training.

Natural Resouces Management

Bachelor's students are enabled by a mobility window in the fifth semester to complete some of their studies at universities abroad. The ASQ modules can also be completed as part of a study abroad programme.

Due to the short duration of studies, no mobility window is provided in the Master's programme Natural Resources Management. However, the university network "Unibund" allows easier access to the universities in Leipzig and Jena, where in particular the "freely selectable modules" can be taken.

How do I apply for an Erasmus scholarship

Erasmus+ 2022 opportunities

An overview of the confirmed partner universities for the 2022-2028 funding period can be found at the bottom of the page. You will also find an indication of how many places are available. In principle, a maximum of 5 funding months are initially set.

Please look through the courses offered by the universities in advance and decide what suits you best. You should also check the required language skills. Courses are eligible for recognition if they are worth at least 5 ECTS credits and are equivalent in content to the courses you can take in your degree programme. At least 15 ECTS credits must be earned abroad.

Application process

As soon as you have a definite first and, ideally, second choice, please let me know by 20 December.

Please include the following information in your informal application:

  • Name
  • Matriculation number
  • Date of birth
  • Course of study
  • First and second choice of partner university
  • Desired semester abroad (winter or summer)



There is only one nomination deadline in spring for the entire academic year (winter term and summer term). The quota of places is also valid for the entire year. It does not matter in which semester how many places are taken up, the quota for a year may not be exceeded in total.

You therefore apply for a place in the coming year and can decide for yourself in which semester you use this place.


If the number of interested students exceeds the available places, an application procedure will be initiated in January. We will inform the interested students about this by email.

Afterwards we will nominate the selected students to the International Office, which will administratively support the further application process at the partner university and the scholarship matters.

A Learning Agreement is concluded with your partner university. It is advisable to check the eligibility of the selected modules in advance with the respective module coordinators and the chairperson of your examination board.

Contact person at the Institute

Support with organisational questions can be obtained from the Study Office Geo. Detailed questions regarding the content of the degree programme should be sent to the same address, but please include the following persons in the CC of your e-mail:

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Mertmann (Applied Geosciences)
Prof. Dr. Bruno Glaser (Natural Resources Management)
Dr. Michael Zierdt (Geography)
Prof. Dr. Boris Michel (International Area Studies - Global Change Geography)


Astrid Henke M.A.

room H4 2.27
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

phone: +49 345 55 26 010

Partner universities (2022-2028)

CountryPartner UniversityDurationFieldoptions*Language requirements*Language requirements in national language
DenmarkAarhus University, Aarhus   
1 termGeoscience2 x 5 monthsEnglish certificate requiredKnowledge of Danish is not required
FranceUniversity of Reunion Island, St.-Dénis/La Réunion   
1 or 2 termsEarth Science5 x 5 monthsTOEIC(A1-A2), TOEFL (B1-B2)or KEYS (B1-B2)certificate in English is required
ItalyUniversità degli Studi di Milano, Milano   
1 or 2 termsEarth Science2 x 5 monthsKnowledge of English is recommended, certificate can be submitted (TOEFL)
NetherlandsRadboud University, Nijmegen   
1 or 2 termsEnvironmental Sciences (Biodiversity), Geology2 x 5 monthsKnowledge of English is recommended, certificate can be submittedKnowledge of Dutch is not required
NorwayWestern Norway University of Applied Sciences, Sogndal   
1 or 2 termsEnvionmental Sciences, Ecology10 x 5 monthsIELTS (at least 6PT), TOEFL(at least 550PT), PEARSON PTE
Academics(at least 59PT), Cambridge English Examinations
certificate (B1) is necessary, a Bachelor's degree is also
Knowledge of Norwegian is not required
PortugalUniversidad de Lisboa, Lissabon   
1 or 2 termsEarth Science2 x 5 monthsLanguage Certificate, Bachelor's degree/Master's degree or
certificate of competence in English is required
SpainUNIVERSITAT DE VALÉNCIA, Valencia1 or 2 termsGeography, Natural Environment4 x 5 monthsCambridge English Exanimations (B1) is requieredKnowledge of Spanish (B1) is required if courses are taught in Spanish
HungaryUniversity of Debrecen, Debrecen   
1 or 2 termsGeography2 x 5 months

*Information without guarantee, students are requested to inform themselves personally about the language requirements of the respective universities.