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Recognition means that one achievement in the respective degree programme is replaced by another. There is a right to recognition if there are no significant differences between the credits and the application was made on the occasion of commencing and continuing a degree programme, taking examinations or admission to a doctorate.

MLU's practice of recognising credits already earned is described in detail here (including FAQs). In degree programmes that conclude with a state examination (e.g. teaching degree), deviations from this information are possible. Please contact the examination office responsible for you directly. For applications for recognition of ASQ modules, please contact the ASQ office and NOT the examination office.

In the event of a change of university or degree program, an informal application for recognition of several modules can be submitted. The modules applied for recognition must be listed completely and clearly (in tabular form), including the corresponding CP and grades at the former university. Please use the Excel templates provided below. The informal application must contain a current date, the matriculation number at MLU and a signature. The module descriptions of the modules applied for recognition are attached (no complete module handbooks!).

Applications for the purpose of examination registration in modules that are not included in the study program must be submitted at the beginning of the registration period. The approval of such an application serves the Examinations Office as proof of manual registration for an examination that is not part of the study program.

Erbringen von Modulen außerhalb des Studienprogramms

Wenn Sie ein Modul belegen wollen, das nicht zu Ihrem Studienprogramm gehört, müssen Sie VOR Beginn des Moduls vom zuständigen Prüfungsausschuss die Genehmigung einholen, dass Sie dieses Modul als Ersatz für ein anderes, im Studienprogramm enthaltenes Modul, verwenden dürfen.

Nur mit einem genehmigtem Äquivalenzantrag werden Sie zu einem Modul und zu der entsprechenden Prüfung angemeldet, die nicht zum Studienprogramm gehört. Mit der Übersendung des Antrags auf Anerkennung begründen Sie bitte, warum Sie dieses Modul belegen möchten.

applications and documents

To apply for recognition of several modules, please use the form provided by the Examination Office of NF III. Please send this form and the supporting documents listed below by email to .

1Transcript of Records + module descriptions
2Change of degree programAccount statement "all services" Löwenportal
3Certificate of achievement + module descriptions
4Study abroadTranscript of Records + Learning Agreement
5Module to be recognized is not offeredConfirmation of module supervisor
6Module to be recognized is overbooked, no place availableConfirmation Lecturer (the form has to be submitted in the beginning of the same semester!)
7Module to be recognized at the same time as the module that is the minimum requirement in the focus areainformal justification
8Compensation for disadvantages (e.g. impairment in a module that is a minimum requirement in the specialization. )Medical certificate / vote of the representative for severely disabled persons
9Compatibility of studies and family (e.g. multi-day field exercise for module which is a minimum requirement in the specialization).Proof of child / care of relative
10Other reasonsInformal justification with evidence

Templates for the respective degree programs

Here you will find Excel templates for your respective study program.

M. Sc. International Area Studies - Global change geography degree program
Aequivalenztabelle_StdgangWechsel_MscIASGCG.xlsx (20.2 KB)  vom 05.06.2024

B. Sc. Applied Geosciences
Aequivalenztabelle_StdgangWechsel_BscAgeo.xlsx (14.8 KB)  vom 18.04.2024

B. Sc. Management of Natural Resources
Aequivalenztabelle_StdgangWechsel_BscMnR.xlsx (14.8 KB)  vom 18.04.2024

B. Sc. Geography 120 LP
Aequivalenztabelle_StdgangWechsel_BscGeo120.xlsx (13.8 KB)  vom 18.04.2024

B. Sc. Geography 180 CP
Aequivalenztabelle_StdgangWechsel_BscGeo180.xlsx (15 KB)  vom 18.04.2024

Geography teaching degree program
Aequivalenztabelle_StdgangWechsel_LA.xlsx (15.8 KB)  vom 18.04.2024