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summer school 2021-2023

summer school 2021-2023

summer school 2021-2023

Project: ImPlementing Landscape Ecology for Improved SustAinability and Societal Equity of Social-Ecological Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa (PLEASE-SES)

Format: Webinar (online)
1st Summer School Announcement and Call for Applicants.pdf (551,6 KB)  vom 06.10.2020

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Ecu-MAES was mentioned as national initiative to Support IPBES Work by the SDG Knowledge Hub

The project team of Ecu-MAES ("A National Ecosystem Services Assessment and Mapping  for the status and future development of ecosystem services and  biodiversity in Ecuador") prepared an e-poster for the IPBES8 Stakeholder Days:   

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Innovationsnetzwerk Ökosystemleistungen Deutschland (ESP-DE), April 2020

Die Fernwirkungen der Ökosystemleistungen in Deutschland

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Innovationsnetzwerk Ökosystemleistungen Deutschland (ESP-DE)

Ein differenzierter Ansatz zur Bewertung der Bereitstellung urbaner Ökosystemleistungen

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Aktuelle Ausstellungen

Aktuelle Publikationen

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IUCN Weltkongress für Naturschutz

  • Ort: Marseille, France
  • Zeit: 3.-11. Sept. 2021

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EcoSummit 2021

Building a sustainable and desirable future: Adapting to a changing land and sea-scape

  • Ort: Online (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australien)
  • Zeit: 14. Juni 2021

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BIOGEOMON 2021 - 10th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior

  • Ort: Tartu, Estland
  • Zeit: 27.Juni-1. Juli 2021

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