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Prof. Dr. Christine Fürst

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Prof. Dr. Christine Fürst
Institute for Geosciences and Geography
Dept. Sustainable Landscape Development

room H4 1.22
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

phone: +49 (0)345 55-26017

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postal address:
Prof. Dr. Christine Fürst
Institut für Geowissenschaften und Geographie
Fachgebiet Nachhaltige Landschaftsentwicklung
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

Curriculum Vitae

Since 10/16

Professor for Sustainable Landscape Development, Martin-Luther University Halle; Since 10/17 Executive director of the Institute for Geosciences and Geography; 2019 call for and rejection of a W3 professor position in Environmental Analysis and Planning in Metropolitan Areas at Ruhr University Bochum

04/16 - 09/16

Interim Professor Sustainable Landscape Development, Martin-Luther University Halle, Institute for Geosciences and Geography, Dept. Spatial and Environmental Planning

07/15 - 09/16

Senior Scientist, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Atmospheric Environmental Research (IMK-IFU)

01/12 - 06/15

Senior Researcher, Center for Development Research, Dept. C – Ecology and Natural Resources Management, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn


Habilitation (cumulative) at Agricultural Faculty of Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, venia legendi in Natural Resource Management

04/04 - 12/11

Scientific employee, Chair for Soil Science and Soil Protection, Dresden University of Technology


Dissertation (cumulative) Fly ash impact in forest ecosystems in Northeastern Germany – an assessment and regionalization approach

11/00 - 03/04

Scientific employee, Chair for Soil Science and Soil Protection and Chair for Forest Management Planning, Dresden University of Technology

06/98 - 10/00

Internship at  Bayerische Staatsforstverwaltung (2nd state examination 7/00)

04/94 - 04/98

Studies in Forest Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München Diplom-Forstwirt Univ. 04/98; Diploma thesis  1.1; Certificate Applied Informatics 6/98; Scholarship by Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes 04/94 - 04/98

10/93 - 03/94

Practical training at Bayerische Staatsforstverwaltung

09/84 - 06/93

Leibniz-Gymnasium Altdorf (By); 06/93 Baccalaureate (1.1)

09/80 - 08/84

Primary school Feucht (By)

Projects & Networks

Since 10/18 SESASA, LEAP-Agri (coordination)

Since 10/18 R4SES, Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF, coordination)

01/17 - 12/18 INTERACT and SERVICES, Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF, coordination)

08/14 - 12/16 INTECRE, Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF, coordination)

09/13 - 04/17 BioMassWeb, BMBF (leading scientist WP 4.5 - Land use change modeling; WP 4.6 - Impact Assessment; continuation supervision)

01/12 - 03/17 WASCAL,  BMBF (leading scientist WP. 6.1 Integrated Land System Modeling) continuing / upgraded project

02/12 – 06/15 RegioPower, ERA WoodWisdom / BioEnergy / FNR (coordination)

since 05/11 European Land-use Institute, BMBF (coordination)

2011 Erasmus-Agreement (09/11) with TU Gheorghe Asachi Iasi, Faculty Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Dept. Environmental Engineering

2010-2013 ForSys - Cost action FP0804 (partner)

2010-2012 ECHOES - Cost action FP0703 (partner)

2009-2012 REGKLAM, BMBF (leader WP Land use and land management)

2010-2012 Netzwerk Umweltbildung Sachsen (partner)

2009-2010 KIDS - Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (coordination)

2008-2010 TrainForEducation - Leonardo da Vinci (partner)

2007-2010 Mobility @ forest - German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (partner)

2005-2009 ENFORCHANGE - BMBF (coordination)

2007-2008 REFORMAN - SEE-ERA-Net (coordination)

2007-2008 REG-TRANSEKT - BMBF (coordination)

2007 IT-REG-EU - Interreg-III a - (coordination)

2006-2009 MORE - IST EC (FP 6) (partner)

2004-2009 CONFOREST - EFI Project Center (partner)

2006 DynamicDATA EU25+ - BMBF (coordination)

2004-2006 a.t.l.a.n.t.IS - Working group Adaptive Landmanagement (coordination)

2004-2006 adHOQ – working group wood quality modeling (funding member)

2000 – 2004 Sustainable methods and ecological processes of a conversion of pure  spruce and pine stands into ecologically adapted mixed stands, German  Federal Ministry of Education and Research (project management;  researcher in project value inventory and value control)

Awards / Miscellaneous

  • 2013 Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing; Ecological Indicators, Elsevier
  • 2010-2011 official activity in UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development
  • 2009 Public Choice Award Wissenschaft interaktiv; 2nd place

Memberships and activities in scientific networks and bodies

Academy for Spatial and Regional Planning (ARL)

  • Appointed Member of the Group “Middle Germany (Saxony - Saxony-Anhalt – Thuringia) and  the Working Group Ecosystem Services in Spatial Planning

Careers in Sustainability Excellence (CASTLE)

Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP)

  • Member of the Steering Committee  and the Development Committee (DEC)
  • Lead Group WG9 Planning, Management and Restoration, Lead SWG 3 Forests, member TWG Ecosystem Services in Business

European Land-Use Institute (ELI)

Expert group BMBF Leitinitiative „Erhalt der Artenvielfalt“

  • Since 2018

Expert advisory board BMBF Leitinitiative „Erhalt der Artenvielfalt“

  • Since 2019 officially appointed member (wissenschaftlicher Gründungsbeirat)

Future Earth, Knowledge and Action Network Food-Energy-Water

Global Land Project (GLP)


Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

  • Lead Author for regional assessments (2b), region ECAS, chapters 5 and 6
  • Member of the IPBES Scoping group (deliverable 2b)
  • Member of the German Delegation at IPBES3&5

International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE)    

International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO)

  • Working group 8.01.02 (Landscape Ecology) – representative for Central Europe

IUFRO online-dictionary    

Croissance-Amélioration-Qualité, LERFoB, UMR INRA-AgroParisTech, Nancy


  • Member of the scientific advisory board since 2018

Memberships and activities in scientific journal boards

CASES – Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems, de Gruyter


Ecological Indicators, Elsevier

Ecological Processes, Springer

European Journal of Ecology, de Gruyter

International Journal of Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services & Management, Taylor & Francis

Russian Journal of Ecosystem Ecology, Penza State University, Penza, Russia

Socio-Ecological Practice Research

Open Journal of Forestry, SCIRP

Memberships in stakeholder organizations

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Naturgemäße Waldwirtschaft (ANW)   

Deutscher Forstverein (DFV)   

Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (KWF)   

Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald (SDW)   

Bund Deutscher Forstleute (BDF)   

Regionalplanungsgemeinschaft Halle (RPGH, Beirat)   

Activities in scientific conferences

  • IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020, Session “Human-Wildlife Interactions, Co-organizer, submitted;   
  • RENATURE (H2020) 2019, Malta 10/19, Interdisciplinary Summer School, Keynote speaker and Lecturer,   
  • Actual Problems of Landscape Sciences, Environment, Society, Politics  Georgia, 09/19, Keynote Speaker and Lecturer,   
  • Social-Ecological Research in Practice, Kick-off Tongji University, China  06/19, Keynote speaker,   
  • ESP World Conference 2019 Germany, Organizer Future Earth Side Event “Human-Wildlife-Interactions,   
  • IALE World Conference, Italy, 07/2019,    , Scientific Committee, Symposia Organisator Session “3-D landscape metrics and visualization techniques – applications in spatial planning, environmental assessment and participatory decision processes” / Ko-organisator Session “Towards visionary peri-urban landscapes? Environmental governance mixes for sustainable peri-urbanization”
  • IUFRO-IALE joint conference "Adapted Management for Forested Landscapes in Transformation", Posadas, Argentina 10/18 (   ), scientific committee
  • 1st International Geographical Conference on North-Asian Countries 08/18, Irkutsk, Russia (   ), scientific comittee
  • Healthy landscapes, green regeneration, safety, Uniscape, Bologna, 07/18  (   ), scientific comittee
  • Regional Resources 21- 2018, Smolenice - Slowakia (   ), co-organizer
  • ESP 2017, Shenzen - China, 12/17 (   ), member of the organizing committee
  • IALE-IUFRO LE, Halle, 09/17 (   )
  • Global Land Project Open Science Meeting, Beijing - China, 10/2016 (, Session "GISCAME", session organizer
  • RegioRessources 21-2016, Lugo - Spain, 10/16 (   ), co-organizer
  • ECOSUMMIT 2016, Montpellier - France, 08/16 (,  Session "Scenarios and models of key indirect and direct drivers in  relation to nature's benefits to people", Side event "GISCAME training",  co-organizer
  • ESP Annual Conference, Stellenbosch - South Africa, 11/15 (   ), Symposium "Ecosystem services to connect spatial planning and  environmental impact assessment approaches", symposium organizer
  • IALE D, Bonn, 10/15 (   ), organizer
  • IUFRO Landscape Ecology, Tartu - Estonia, 08/15 (, member scientific committee, Symposium "Sustaining ecosystem services in forest landscapes", symposium organizer
  • IALE World Congress, Portland - USA 07/15 (,  Symposium "Ecosystem services in land use planning and land use policy – how does scale aspects affect information for supporting decision  processes?", symposium organizer
  • Dresden Nexus Conference, Dresden - Germany, 03/15 (,  Symposium The potentials of integrated land use planning and ecosystem  services to enhance the sustainable provision of natural resources,  symposium organizer
  • IUFRO World Congress, Salt Lake City - USA, 10/14 (,  symposium "The benefits of introducing the ecosystem service concept in  forest management and planning at different spatial scales", symposium organizer
  • RegioRessources 21, Katowice – Poland, 09/14 (, conference organizer
  • GLP Open Science Meeting, Berlin - Germany, 03/14, symposium "Ecosystem services for connecting actors" (, symposium organizer
  • RegioResources 21, Catania - Italy, 09/13 (   ), conference organizer
  • FORSYS – International conference on Decision support systems, Umea – Sweden, 04/13 (, scientific committee member
  • IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference - Sustaining humans and forests in changing landscapes, Concepcion – Chile, 11/12, symposium "Ecosystem functions and services in changing  landscapes/ Spatial patterns and ecological processes", (, symposium organizer
  • Ecosummit 2012, Columbus Ohio – USA, 10/12, Symposium "Structure matters – the potential of land-use pattern to contribute to ecosystem services provision, (, symposium organizer
  • Air Pollution, Coruna – Spain, 05/12 (, scientific committee member
  • RegioResources 21, Dresden - Germany, 05/12 (   ), conference organizer
  • IALE World Conference, Beijing - China, 08/11, symposium "New frontiers in landscape economy - assessment and up-scaling of the impacts of land-use practices on ecosystem services", (, symposium organizer
  • RegioResources 2011, Dresden - Germany, 05/11 (   ), conference organizer
  • LandMod 2010, Montpellier - France, 02/10 (,  scientific committee member
  • Air Pollution 2010, Kos – Greece, 6/10 (, scientific committee member
  • Forestry in Achieving Millenium Goals, Novi Sad - Serbia, 11/08 (, scientific committee member
  • ForwardForests, 04 – 12/05 (   ), organizer of the virtual conference

Citation metrics

All article types (Google Scholar)

  • Citations: 1832
  • h-index: 22
  • i10 index: 37


  • Citations: 1117
  • h-index: 18*


  • Citations: 854
  • h-index: 15*

* Discrepancies are given through the writing of the family name and the different strategies to consider publications and their citations.


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  • African Journal of Biotechnology – 1
  • Agricultural Systems – 1
  • Agronomy for Sustainable Development – 1
  • Atmospheric Environment – 1
  • Atlas of Ecosystem Services – 1
  • CATENA – 1
  • Change and Adaptation in Social Ecological Systems (Funding Editor)
  • Chemosphere – 2
  • Crop Protection – 1
  • CLIMATE  – 10
  • Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability – 3
  • Ecological Economics – 1
  • Ecological Indicators  – 117
  • Ecological Modeling – 4
  • Ecological Processes– 2
  • Ecology and Society – 1
  • Ecosystem Services – 6
  • Energy Policy – 1
  • Energy, Sustainability and Society – 1
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Review – 7
  • European Journal of Forest Research – 2
  • Environmental Engineering and Management Journal – 2
  • Environmental Management, Springer – 13
  • Environmental Management, Elsevier  – 26
  • Environmental Modelling and Software – 9
  • Environmental Pollution – 3
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research – 1
  • Forest Ecology and Management– 11
  • Forest Policy and Economics – 4
  • Forests – 1
  • Frontiers in Ecology – 1
  • GECCO – 2
  • GEODERMA – 4
  • International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management (Ecosystems and People) – 13
  • International Journal of Geographical Information Science – 2
  • iForest – Biosciences and Forestry (SI guest editor 2012/13) – 15
  • Journal of Applied Geography – 1
  • Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography – 1
  • Journal of Environmental Planning and Management – 2
  • Journal of Forest Science – 3
  • Journal of Horticulture and Forestry – 1
  • Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences – 1
  • LAND – 5
  • Land Degradation and Development – 2
  • Landscape Ecology – 13
  • Landscape Online – 2
  • Landscape and Urban Planning – 5
  • Land Use Policy – 9
  • NASB – 1
  • Open Journal of Forestry – 2
  • PLOS ONE – 2
  • Regional Environmental Change – 1
  • Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research – 3
  • Science of the Total Environment – 5
  • Scientific Reports – 1
  • Socio-Ecological Research in Practice (Editorial Board member since 10/2018) – 4
  • Soil and Tillage Research – 1
  • Spanish Journal of Rural Development – 1
  • Sustainability – 6
  • Sustainable Cities and Society – 1
  • Urban Ecosystems – 1
  • Urban Forestry and Urban Greening – 1

Research Programs / national level activities

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • ANR, France (Comité d’Evaluation "Dynamique des socio-écosystèmes et de leurs composants en vue de leur gestion durable, Vice-President since 2018)
  • Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH), Austria
  • BMBF Client II
  • BMBF Federal program on rural development
  • BMBF Germany-Turkey collaboration
  • BMBF “Partnerschaften für nachhaltige Problemlösungen in Schwellen- & Entwicklungsländern“
  • CONSOLIDER, Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation
  • DFG
  • ERC Consolider grant
  • Evangelisches Studienwerk (DE)
  • Fondecyt, Chile
  • Horizon2020
  • The JPI Cultural Heritage and Global Change: a New Challenge for Europe (JPICH)
  • Leitinitiative Artenvielfalt (BMBF)
  • Le Studium, Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, France
  • Nationale Biodiversitätsstrategie (BMBF/BMU)
  • National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Program “Landscape-ecological stability of the nature use as the basis of the "green" economy of Kazakhstan"
  • National Research Foundation (NRC), South-Africa
  • National Science Centre, Poland
  • NERC-Science of the Environment / Ecosystem Service for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA), UK
  • NWO, Netherlands
  • R4D, Switzerland
  • Research Leaders 2025 Teagasc + Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) COFUND programme
  • STAR
  • TEEB (National TEEB, Germany, Chapter Forestry in Rural Areas)
  • University of Oklahoma, Tenure Track Programme Geography and Environmental Sustainability