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Frank Pietzsch

Teaching assignment for the introduction and application of GISCAME



Frank Pietzsch is manager of PiSolution GmbH. He has over 25 years experiences in software and technology development. His areas of activity are the development of innovative technological concepts, consulting and conception in the area of process optimization. He has experiences in national and international research projects (e.g. on multi-dimensional data, big data handling, guided research, search data bases).

The software GISCAME was developed together with PiSolution. GISCAME supports the simulation, visualization and assessment of land use changes. GISCAME pursues the aim to evaluate land use based on available regional knowledge (empirical data,  model results/reports, and expert knowledge) in order to provide a tool  to weigh action alternatives for the planner. GISCAME considers the  landscape as an integrative layer for interactions between different  land use types, land users, and ecosystem processes, which contribute to  the provision of ecosystem services. The integrated evaluation and  regulation system allows the formulation of parameters as well as the  setting of conversion rules.

PiSolution GmbH - Software and Model Development / Parameterization Programming;   

Curriculum Vitae

Since 02/2005 Managing Director PiSolution GmbH

01/2003 - 01/2005 Self-employed

09/2001 - 12/2002 Project Manager at Brocat AG / encorus GmbH

01/1998 - 08/2001 Head of Technology Development at inatec GmbH

05/1997 - 12/1997 Head of Software Development at VirBuS AG

11/1995 - 04/1997 Consultant for data processing at Sachsen LB

04/1993 - 11/1995 Software Developer at iXOS Application Software GmbH

09/1988 - 03/1993 Dipl. Ing. F. Electrical Engineering / Electronics (HTWK   Leipzig)


Frank, S., Fürst, C., Pietzsch, F., 2015. Cross-Sectoral  Resource Management: How Forest Management Alternatives Affect the  Provision of Biomass and Other Ecosystem Services. Forests 6, 533-560.

Davidsson, C., Fürst, C., König, H., Ende, H.-P., Pietzsch, K., Pietzsch, F.,  Abiy, M., Makeschin, F. (2008): Procedures for developing an  interactive tool for supporting land-use management planning - a  stakeholder-based approach, Impact Assessment of Land Use Changes, Book  of Abstracts, 243.