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Ms. Isabell Stein


Phone: 0345 55 26055

Room: 1.21

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Overview working group Prof. Fürst

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Guest researchers

Milad Zhoolideh (Iran)

He is a PhD student in „Agricultural development“ at the University of  of Tehran. Milad holds a BSc in „Agricultural extension and education“  and MSc in „Rural development“. His research interests are related to  land-use change, climate change, poverty in rural areas, rural livelihood.  Email:

Dr. Bolormaa Batsuuri (Mongolia)

She holds a fellowship of the National University of Mongolia. Her research interests are related to land management, land use planning for urban areas and cadastral systems on land rights. Email:

Babu K. Dallakoti (Nepal)

He has experience of more than two decades of working in the forestry sector in the Nepalese Himalaya as a forest officer. He has expertise on resource assessment, management and participatory methods. His research focus is on spatial modelling to evaluate the medicinal herb resource base in the Himalaya of Nepal. He holds a MSc Forestry degree from the University of Göttingen. Email:

Stephen Kankam (Ghana)

He is deputy director of Hen Mpoano “Our Coast”, Ghana ( His research interests are related to coastal and fisheries governance, ecosystem services, participatory scenario development, land use regime shifts and spatial modeling. Email:

Evelyn Asante-Yeboah (Ghana)

She holds an Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellowship. Her research interests are related to smallholder farming systems, rural development, land use/land cover changes, ecosystems functioning, GIS and spatial modelling, natural resource management and food security. Email:

Jocelyn Esquivel San Martín (Chile)

She is a PhD student at the University of Concepcion and holds a MSc in Forestry Sciences. Her research interests are related to the spatio/temporal analysis of  biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, ecosystem services and spatial planning towards sustainable landscapes in Chile. Email:

Praveen Kumar (India)

He is a DAAD scholar from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His area of expertise and research interests are related to socio-ecological systems, climate change adaptation and vulnerability, land use/land cover change, and forest ecosystems of the Himalayan region. Email:

Mohsen Zabihi (Iran)

He is a PhD student at the Tarbiat Modares University. Mohsen holds a MSc in Watershed Management Engineering. His research interests include hydrological ecosystem services modeling, spatial modeling in GIS, land use and landscape management, and watershed hydrology. Email:

Zhichao He (China)

He is a Chinese Scholarship holder. His research topic is related to the evaluation of spatial planning and focuses on the Major Function Oriented Zone plan at multiple spatial scales in China. His research aims to bridge the paradigms among spatial planning evaluation, land science, and human behavior domains, and develop a scientific basis for adequately evaluating the effectiveness of spatial planning on actual outcomes. E-mail:

Rediet Girma (Ethiopia)

He is a DAAD PhD Scholar from Hawassa University, Institute of Technology,   Ethiopia. He earned his MSc in Soil and Watet Conservation Engineering from   Haromaya University, Ethiopia. His area of research interest includes   spatio/temporal modeling of soil eroision and sediment analysis, land   use land cover change modeling, land suitabilty study, watetshed   management and its impact assessment. Email:

Behrooz Naroei (Iran)

He is a PhD visiting researcher from Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran. He studied MSc in landscape design engineering in the university of Tehran, Iran. He has  more than one decade of working experience in context of urban green space management, urban park and landscape design and natural patches conservation in some cities of Iran. His research interests include the planning of urban green structures, the assessment of spatial / temporal planning of green infrastructure in metropolitan cities, the assessment of urban ecosystem services based on land use data, spatial modeling of urban green infrastructure development in GIS and urban green infrastructure management. E-mail:

Former Employees