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Sustainable Landscape Development



Prof. Dr. Christine Fürst
Institut für Geowissenschaften und Geographie
Fachgebiet Nachhaltige Landschaftsentwicklung

room H4 1.22
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

phone: +49 (0)345 55-26017

postal address:
Prof. Dr. Christine Fürst
Institut für Geowissenschaften und Geographie
Fachgebiet Nachhaltige Landschaftsentwicklung
06120 Halle

Aims and addressed topics

Research and higher education activities of the Chair for Sustainable  Landscape Development address the processes and dynamics of social-ecological  systems and related decisions in spatial planning and regional  development. This includes governance mechanisms as well as  environmental analytics and integrated environmental assessments. A  focus is laid on the development and implementation of social-ecological  system models that explore scale impacts and interactions and reveal  systemic properties such as emergence effects. The latter is realized  through an autonomous modelling platform, GISCAME that is developed  since 2007 in close cooperation with planning actors, different science  disciplines and technology provider, PiSolution GmbH. GISCAME is  currently used in manifold research projects in national, European and  international context, e.g. in Brazil, Chile, Israel, New Zealand and West-Africa.  Furthermore, GISCAME is implemented in teaching at the universities of  Bonn, Jena, Kiel und Hannover. For further information see   .

The  Chair for Sustainable Landscape Development aims at strengthening the  interfaces between natural and social sciences. It intends to show how  findings from basic research disciplines can be implemented in the  planning and development of social-ecological systems and how  inter- and transdisciplinary research can add to knowledge integration  in research and higher education.

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Working Group Meeting

Working Group Meeting

Working Group Meeting

Der ehemalige Fachgebietsleiter Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee ist über folgende Kontaktdaten zu erreichen:
Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung (ARL)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee
Hohenzollernstraße 11
Telefon: +49 511 34842-39
Telefax: +49 511 34842-41

Der ehemalige Fachgebietsleiter Prof. Dr. Wilfried Kühling emeritus ist über das Sekretariat zu kontaktieren:
Name: Isabell Stein
Telefon: 0345 - 5526055
Fax: 0345 - 5527175
Raum: H4 1.23


Straßenbahn: Linien 4 oder 5 in Richtung Kröllwitz bis Haltestelle Straßburger Weg; auf den großen (Von-Seckendorff-) Platz, links durch den Geologischen Garten zum Geographie-Gebäude


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